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Hello, I am a fan of Avatar, both the Legend of Aang and the Legend of Korra.


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What if in the Crystal Catacombs of old Ba Sing Se, Zuko made the right decision and turned on his sister, Azula. How would the war have been different? Would Aang still have been defeated? Would Ba Sing Se have fallen? Would it make a difference?

Chapter 1: Ba Sing Se

Chapter 2: The Eclipse

Chapter 3: The Comet

Avatar Colosseum

Ever wondered who would win in a battle between Azula and Kuvira? Perhaps a deathmatch between Team Aang and Team Korra? Welcome to Avatar Colosseum - the Deadliest Warrior inspired fanon, where we compare the intelligence, weapons, armour and skills of various Avatar characters and put them head-to-head in a battle to the death.

1. Azula v. Kuvira

2. Sokka v. Asami

3. Aang v. Korra

4. Zuko v. Mako

5. Iroh v. Ozai

[6. Dai Li v. Yuyan

7. Kyoshi Warriors v. Equalists

8. Ty Lee v. Lieutenant

9. Katara v. Toph

10. Finale

Season 2 involved more community participation. It is still in progress.

1. Avatar Royale

2. Toph v. Bumi

3. UnaVaatu v. Colossus

4. Suyin v. Lin

5. Finale