Of all the empires that ever existed, you were the strongest, the bravest, the kindest.

You ruled the waves for centuries. Yet with that power, you put an end to slavery.

In a time of darkness, you resurrected the flames of ancient cultures, long since destroyed

and lit up the path to a brighter future.

Everywhere you went, from the shores of Virginia to Botany Bay, you carried the torch.

You brought light to lands which have not seen a ray of sun in tens of thousands of years.

You were always a kind empire. You treated your natives well and many of them prospered.

You resisted the urge of force, except as a last resort, unlike many of your peers.

Your colonies were not slaves but children who needed care

You clothed them and warmed them with your fire.

You rampaged through the world, leaving a trail of civilisation in your wake.

While some empires brought with them war and suffering, you brought peace and security.

Many of your children turned away, they said they didn't want you,

You put up a fight but never held malice. How could you hate your own children?

One day, Europe was threatened with darkness. A war in the crossroads of Europe and Asia

led to the assassination of a prince. War broke out on a massive scale.

With the world in danger, you defied your German cousin and entered a bloody war.

You knew the consequences but you didn't care.

In the war, you lost your leg - a small price to pay for the future of the world.

A bigger shadow loomed across Europe as Hitler's war machine marched unopposed.

By this time, you were an old cripple, clearly no match for new blood and iron.

But this old soldier had one fight left in him.

Standing up to the monster, you give to the world what was lost long ago - hope,

despite having none for yourself.

This time, you are not alone. All of your children return to your side,

even your estranged daughter.

We shall never forget your sacrifice to the world.

But now you're an old man and your children have long moved out

they are now old enough to run themselves.

But now they've all returned to you, as you take your last breaths.

Sleep, little Empire, it's time for bed.

Sleep, little Empire, the sun has set.